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Your Guide To Collecting Coins For The First Time

Bullion coins are made out of the purest form of precious metals and are kept in store of value as an asset and investment instead of using it daily. Bullion coins are usually made of metals like Gold and Silver, although Palladium and Platinum are sometimes used.

With the price of gold, silver and other precious metals increasing significantly, more people have started considering investing in bullion coins. Some investors buy bullion coins as gifts or collective items, while others invest in them as they reduce the risks and hedge against inflation.

Prior to buying gold or silver bullion coins, you should do adequate research and gather knowledge from somebody who has made purchases in the past instead of asking people who are trying to sell you coins.

  1. Price: People who invest in coins must have an idea that gold bullion coins trade at a price slightly over the actual cost of the gold because the government mint these coins and charge only a standard fabrication fee. Also, the price gets affected somewhat based on the size and quantity purchased.
    You must contact several Canada Precious Metals Dealers to have the right idea about the current rate. Once you know the prices, you can get the best deal without compromising the quality.
  2. Authenticity: If the purchase is too good to be true, it probably is. Many deceptive counterfeits of gold bullion coins come from other countries. These counterfeits are nearly perfect, and it isn't easy to distinguish them with an open eye. They are often fooling the experts with these frauds. So, to spot the difference between fake and actual coins, you must carry trusted and right metallurgical tools to test them.
  3. Know the difference between Bullion coins and Collector coins: The prices of bullion coins usually fluctuate according to the current prices of gold, silver, or platinum. While rare coins, according to the numismatic approach, their prices fluctuate based on their historical supply and present market demand.
  4. Delivery conditions: Usually, under normal circumstances, you are supposed to receive your purchased coins within 10 to 14 days. But, if the seller is aware of any problem in the mint at the time of purchase or a little after the purchase, then any reliable Canada Precious Metals Dealer would inform you about the delay in the delivery. It is not recommended that the seller have the coins stored. Instead, many investors accept verified storage as an authorized, independent depositary.


Gold bullion is the ultimate insurance for investors as it can maintain a high value. In addition, investors can use it to insure against economic factors like inflation, deflation, interest rates, currency problems, stock market agitation, and similar situations. So it is never wrong to own gold bullion.

Toronto Bullion Dealers is the best choice when choosing dealers to buy billions. They ensure the proper safety of your purchase at the best price without compromising the quality.

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