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canadian bullion dealers, buy gold in Toronto,-  The 5 Main Causes Of A Gold Pullback And Why You Should Buy Now
The 5 Main Causes Of A Gold Pullback And Why You Should Buy Now

A pullback is a price movement against a trend referred to as a price correction. The movement is temporary and recommences back to the main direction of the market after a few sessions.

What Are The Main Causes Of A Gold Pullback?

Here are the five main causes, as per canadian bullion dealers, that might lead to a gold pullback:

  1. When there is a decline in demand for gold in the market. The demand and supply chain significantly impact any commodity's prices, and prices are directly proportional to demand.
  2. Whenever the strength of the US dollar increases because the price of gold is usually traded in USD, any fluctuations in it would impact the price.
  3. Geopolitical factors play an essential role in the global economy, and they usually positively impact gold prices. Increased economic climate-related consumer confidence would shoot up the chances of a pullback.
  4. Interest rates are said to have an inverse relation with the price of Gold, so whenever there is a rise in interest rates, it is most likely for gold to go down significantly.
  5. When there is a reduction in sales from central institutions like the US Federal Reserve.

How Can You Invest In Gold During A Pullback?

As we mentioned before, during a pullback, there is a significant change in the prices of gold in the market, and it is the best time to invest in gold. Trading during the period of Pullback is known to be Pullback trading. You can acquire heavy profits if you can trade intelligently during the pullback period.

  • Identify the Bullish trend: You can identify a bullish trend by placing the highs and lows, as a series of highs and lows always characterize a bullish trend. Likewise, an uptrend can be identified by a series of higher highs followed by a series of higher lows.
  • Wait for the pullback: Change the time frame to one hour and then wait for a pullback against the uptrend.
  • Play the Fibonacci Retracement tool: A pullback can be best identified using this tool by placing it between the two swings of the recent swing low and recent swing high.
  • Buy your Gold anywhere between 50% to 61.8 percent Fibonacci Retracement Area: After you have placed the tool, mark the area lying between 50 and 61.8 percent. You can either start to buy gold in Toronto immediately or wait till it hits 61.8%
  • Mark the protective stop loss: The last swing low used to draw the Fibonacci retracement areas provides us with the best place to mark the protective stop loss. This is important to minimize losses, as a break below the last swing would invalidate the trade.
  • Take the profit after hitting the prior swing high: The ideal place to profit from pullback trading is to wind up the trade once you have reached the new high. To keep the profits safe, you must get in and out of the trade quickly.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Gold During A Pullback?

As we mentioned before, pullbacks are the best opportunity to buy Gold. Here are some other benefits that you get while investing during a pullback :

  1.  It is a tactic to buy gold at bargain prices during a price dip.
  2. Also, when the price is less, you can buy an increased amount of gold that would eventually benefit you, as gold is an asset.
  3. Investing allows you to acquire a financial hedge because gold protects against financial and economic instability.


We hope this article has cleared your concept about trading gold during pullback. If you want to buy gold in Toronto/Gold Refining in Toronto, you should contact bullion dealers in Canada to get the best deal during your purchase.

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If you want to buy gold in Toronto, you should contact bullion dealers in Canada to get the best deal during your purchase.

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