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Precious Metal Refining
Interesting Facts About Precious Metal That Will Make You Consider Refining it

The act of purifying an impure substance such that only the precious metal content remains is known as precious metal refining. The valuable metals found in goods or by-products (such as electronic, dental, industrial, or jewellery debris) are separated and returned to their pure states. The metals can subsequently be traded on the market after being refined. This is something that a competent precious metal refinery can accomplish, but they also do a lot more than that.


The Advantages of Working With A Precious Metal Refinery


  • Precious Metal Refineries Offer Beneficial Advice

Scrap precious metals may be tricky to deal with. Many important precious metals can be found in a single piece of metal that you won't be able to distinguish apart on your own. A reputable precious metal refining dealer can provide you with sound advice on how to handle your metals. They'll even show you how to package and transport your metals to them step by step. At 24 Gold Group, we even have a payment calculator that you can use to figure out how much your lot is worth.

  • They provide a prompt and equitable payout.

An excellent precious metal refinery for Gold Refining in Canada or Gold Smelting in Canada will work hard to guarantee that your cargo is processed fast and that you are paid as soon as feasible. We allow you to bring your lot to Gold Group in person. Still, we also provide savings with our shipping partners or your chosen carrier to guarantee that you may ship your metals quickly and affordably and that you receive your payout as soon as possible.

Process of Refining:

  • Two workers of 24 Gold will unwrap and weigh your shipment as it arrives. We will inform you if there is a mismatch between the actual weight and the weight on your packing slip before completing the refining process.
  •  The material will next be melted in an induction furnace.
  • After the metals have been cast into a bar, the percentage and purity of the bar will be determined using cutting-edge X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) equipment.
  • The value of the bars will then be calculated using the net proportion of pure metals in the refined material.
  • We calculate the metal's price for Precious Metal buying or Precious Metal selling using the live market pricing, which is dependent on financial market price movements and the amount required.

Final Thoughts:

Since 1987, 24 Gold Group Ltd has been a dependable dealer and expert in the lucrative precious metal refining industry. Our precious metal refining specialist uses the most up-to-date technology, equipment, and expertise to give quick and precise refining results.



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